Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leadership, learning and organizations, that is the topic of this blog. I hope to begin a dialogue on important developments, theories, ideas, practices and events that relate to leadership, learning and organizations.

An interesting news item to get this thing rolling:

A recent headline noted that "Sergio Marchionne: Fiat chief with a can-do attitude"

Marchionne is an interesting figure in leadership. He turned around Fiat and is now seeking to create the 2nd largest auto company by buying Chrysler (US) and possibly Opel (a piece of GM's Europe business). The real question is whether he is an excellent manager or excellent at getting government financing to save companies (it may take both skills to turn Chrysler around).
Marchionne may be on to something. Under his leadership Fiat seems to be leading the way in Europe. His new thinking for the 'old world' put Fiat (up 4.7%), along with Hyundai(up 9.7%), as the only two car companies to see sales increase in April 2009 (source WSJ). Is he another Carlos Goshn, the turn around leader at Nissan? I just hope I can finally buy (an affordable) Alpha Romeo in the US, even if it has a Chrysler name plate. My preferences aside, while it's hard to guess American preferences for the likes of small cars by Fiat, it wasn't long ago that another Italian manufacturer took over a US name plate. No, I'm not talking about Illy coffee. The US military no longer carry Smith and Wesson side arms, they carry the (Southern Maryland made) Berretta!

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Nassim on Niederhoffer: "sheer, dumb luck"?
Time will tell.